the name Riley Neither with purple rays radiating out and stylized white birds on either side the name Riley Neither with purple rays radiating out and a stylized white bird on the left

Writer of speculative fiction that's often queer, sometimes political, and always full of wonder.


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New Story: A Portal

My latest short story is live in a flash fic episode of Cast of Wonders. This is one is short, sad, and sweet, a little sci-fi tale about a kid who just lost one of his moms, and the episode pairs it with another tale that works together with it beautifully.

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New Story: Imagine a Thief with Golden Fire in Their Voice

This one's in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, with a non-binary protagonist, a unique magic system, and a powerful exploration of abuse and the fight to reclaim one's voice in its aftermath. This might be my favorite of all the short fiction I've written so far.

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New Story: Give My Body to the Moths

My first published story is live in Fireside! This poetic, anti-fascist flash fic looks at finding the will to fight back, even when you've already given in before.

About me

I'm non-binary, asexual, neurodivergent, and anti-fascist. I'm also a white settler living (until very recently) on Gayogo̱hó:nǫˀ (Cayuga) land. I say so because these things influence my writing. I believe in the value of representation for the disempowered, and I believe in the power of fiction to move people and ultimately move societies. So I tend to write stories with a lot of queer, PoC, neurodiverse characters, exploring themes of identity and family, survival and recovery, resistance, justice, and self-determination. And I like to wrap it all together with magic and majesty, physics and futures, with that speculative sense of wonder and vastness that reminds you we're all part of something bigger than ourselves.

I recently earned a PhD in linguistics and I'm currently doing copy editing for an educational non-profit. When I'm not writing queer fantasy and sci-fi, I also like to make art and conlangs (constructed languages), read books, ride bikes, and teach myself web development. (Like the site? Why thanks, I made it myself!)

Find me around

I've never been much good at social media, I'm afraid, but you can find me anywhere below or email me at

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Instagram: @riley.neither - See some of my artwork and occasional miscellaneous updates.
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Goodreads: Riley Neither - Check out what I'm reading and reviewing, often with an eye toward trans representation in SFF.

Pronouns & pronunciations

Gender-neutral pronouns, please. I'll accept most any (other than "it"), so if there's a set you're already familiar with (like singular "they"), feel free to use those for me. All else being equal, though, I prefer ze/zim/zer, and so do some of my characters. They work like this:

ze ~ she/he/they Ze used to play flute.
zim ~ her/him/them You might still catch zim at it now and then.
zer ~ her/his/their Zer flute is old and tarnished.
zers ~ hers/his/theirs This flute is too shiny to be zers.
zimself ~ herself/himself/themself Ze tries not to take zimself too seriously.

(If your screen is too narrow for this table, it scrolls horizontally. So do other tables throughout the site.)

As for the name, I pronounce Neither with the first vowel like "eye," not like "see."

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